Teaching Yin But Need More Training In How To Teach Holisitically, Beyond The Physical - Where The Journey Truly Begins? 

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How To Teach Yin Yoga Holistically, Through The 5 Dimensions
What Will You Learn on your 7 Hour Intro Training? 
 - The Physical Dimension
- The Energetic Dimension
- The Mental Dimension
- The Emotional Dimension
- The Spiritual Dimension
- What it means to teach Yin holistically
- The Responsibility of a Yin Teacher
Teach powerfully and authentically ---->

Yin Yoga is becoming one of the most frequently practiced styles around the world. With the combination of the 5 dimensional approach, which puts the body-mind in growth mode rather than survival mode, your teaching can help so many people in many different ways overcome the physical, emotional and mental challenges we face in the world today. 
Shanti Atma Yoga unites methodology & theory with experiential learning and application, with the sankalpa to uncover the purpose of every element of Yin Yoga
We start with functional anatomy of the body and then how to transcend the body into the deeper realms of the practice, bridging the gap between traditional Eastern philosophy and the physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges that we face today. 

Most of all, we peel back the layers of what it means to be a Yin teacher, and what it means to protect and nurture the bodies and minds of your students.

Let's Start The Journey Together.. 
Are you ready to elevate your confidence and deepen your knowledge to truly develop your Yin Yoga offering?
Are you motivated to really enhance your understanding of Yin and transfer every teaching into your classes and workshops in a safe way?
Fusing together the traditions of the East with the West.
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