Teaching Yin Yoga & Want To Empower Your Students With Its Healing Magic? 

But Need More Training? 

Learn How To Teach Yin Yoga Intelligently & Holistically Through Its 5 Dimensions

To Harness The True Power Of The Practice, Beyond The Body
Teach Yin beyond the physical body with knowledge & confidence through this 7 Hr 5 Dimensions to Yin Intro Training: 

 - The Physical Dimension
- The Energetic Dimension
- The Mental Dimension
- The Emotional Dimension
- The Spiritual Dimension
-How to transcend the practice through each dimension
- Teaching Methodology of teaching Yin holistically 
Teach powerfully and authentically ---->

Yin Yoga is becoming one of the most frequently practiced styles around the world. With the combination of the 5 dimensional approach, which puts the body-mind in growth mode rather than survival mode, your teaching can be used as a powerful tool to help you meet your students where they are at so they can tap into their self inquiry. 
How Will You Develop? 
By starting with functional anatomy of the body, and how to transcend the body into the deeper realms of the practice, you'll be able to help everyone access the practice. 

By bridging the gap between the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the body, you'll understand how to journey your students into the deeper parts of the practice safely. 

By peeling back the layers of Yin teaching methodology you will be able to meet your students where they are at and adapt / modify the practice for anyone in your class.  

Get Your Bonus's
#1) Teaching Methodology Template
Lean how to easily structure a class without spending hours on planning. Include the pieces of the class that most Yin teachers miss out to serve your students more deeply. 

#3) Yin & Anapanasati Meditation Yin Practice 
Start transforming your practice to become more holistic, moving from the physical to the mental and energetic with this Yin & Anapanasati meditation practice

#2) Retreat Teaching Methodology Template
Lean how to build a retreat that stands out and empowers your students to tap into the true experience and embody Yin, both on and off the mat.

#4) Yoga Marketing Plan
Learn how to start transitioning full time by attracting your soul tribe into your classes, workshops and retreats with a system designed specifically for Yoga teachers and Yoga businesses. 
Teach Yin holistically & safely through the 5 dimensions so that your students can deepen their practice with you
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